A photo of an "apartment" on Hvar became a hit on Facebook: "They did great"

A photo of an "apartment" on Hvar became a hit on Facebook: "They did great"
Photo: Facebook

A PHOTO from Hvar was posted on the Facebook page Dnevna doza prosjecnog Dalmatinca (Daily dose of an average Dalmatian) and made many people laugh.

"Apartment on Hvar, corona-free", reads the description of a photo in which two people are sleeping on the beach in an unusual installation which, it seems, they made by turning the changing cubicle on the beach.

The photo got 1,500 likes in less than an hour, and the people could not hide their enthusiasm in the comments.

"A deluxe apartment and it’s right next to the sea! You can’t find a better offer", "They did great!! I'm amazed, I would have never thought of that", "The apartment contains a table, chairs and a bed. Air conditioning is included in the price. WONDERFUL "," Partition in between to adhere to the coronavirus measures"," Hot, but airy", read some of the comments.

Others were amused by a photo of a chicken on the terrace of a café, with the caption: "The guests are coming."

The man below attracted a lot of attention while walking along the beach.

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