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NA LJESTVICI bizarnosti od 1 do maksimalnih 10, Kim Anami se nalazi na 100. mjestu. Kim naime putuje svijetom i fotka se sa nemogućim stvarima obješenim za njenu vaginu.

"Na San Marco trgu u Veneciji, dižem prelijepi luster od Murano stakla. Za raspoloženje je zaslužno nebo i moja vagina. Jedno od mojih najdražih dizanja dosad", napisala je Kim uz jednu od posljednjih fotografija koje je objavila na društvenim mrežama.

Osim lustera u Veneciji, vaginom je dignula i zdjelu paelle u Gaudijevom parku u Barceloni, na Bali je otputovala kako bi podignula ananas, u Milanu je objesila ogledalo, a na njenoj vagini su visjele i daske za surfanje, lepeze, krafne pa čak i komad Berlinskog zida.


Vagina in Review. It’s been quite a year for my vagina. It has embarked on many an adventure, lifting coconuts, coffee tables and chandeliers and garden gnomes all over the world. Showing vaginas everywhere what they are truly capable of. We’ve been busy. Here are the top five comments people have made, and happenings this year, inspired by my vagina: 1) “Neighbour: My tractor’s stuck in the mud.” “Me: Hold on, I’ll go get my vagina.” Because vaginas are capable of great feats of strength. The average vagina can lift small household objects, moving up to kitchen appliances and light furniture. 2) #cuntstopwontstop A hashtag comment someone left on one of my lifting pictures. A lot of people hate this word, but I fucking love it. P.S. Don’t be scared of cunts. They’re awesome. 3) “It’s a good thing those donuts are organic and gluten-free, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to take this seriously.” On me, lifting the best, gluten-free, organic, coconut-maple-bacon donuts ever, in Venice Beach. 4) A major U.S. television network asked me to shoot ping pong balls with my vagina. On national television. Me: “Seriously?” Them: “Yes, we can put you behind a screen and do it in silhouette.” 5) The Great Wall of Vagina. Me lifting a piece of the Berlin Wall, at the Berlin Wall. Make 2016 your best vagina ever! Check out my free video series and upcoming course on Vaginal Kung Fu in the bio link. #vaginalkungfu #thingsiliftwithmyvagina #cuntstopwontstop

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Tvrdi da vaginom može dignuti gotovo 10 kilograma, sve kako bi dokazala kolika je zapravo ženska snaga.

Kim je inače seks savjetnica. Osim što očito ima iznimno snažne vaginalne mišiće, svoje klijente uvjerava i da može doživjeti 20 orgazama za redom, čak i ako joj partner uopće nije pored nje.


#thingsiliftwithmyvagina #eurotour In Barcelona at Gaudi’s Parc Güell, lifting a bowl of paella. When I first discovered Gaudi’s architecture years ago, I fell in love. Here was someone with such a unique, splenderous vision, who dared to be different. His buildings are orgasms of the imagination. Asymmetrical, mosaic-lain, fantasy-driven pieces. Originals. People often say things—bullshit things—like “there’s nothing original out there” or “it’s all been done before.” Only un-original people say such things. Original people are too busy creating new work. When you are truly in tune with your own voice, your own gifts, and you are courageous enough to use them, you make original work. Work the world has not seen before. The key? The thing that separates all the replicas from original brilliance? Having the guts to do it. Because when you put something out there that hasn’t been done before, you’ve stepped off the well-trodden path of safety. You have no idea how it’s going to be taken. And you know what? You don’t give a shit. Because the only thing you are faithful to is your own muse. And if you are following its guidance, really, boldly following it, it will lead you into greatness. Beyond greatness. Into genius. #thingsiliftwithmyvagina #eurotour #vaginalkungfu

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"Želim da žene shvate što sve mogu. Želim da nauče kako ispaljivanje ping pong loptica iz vagine nije neka specijalna fora koju mogu samo tajlandske vagine", kaže Kim, dodajući da su ženski vaginalni mišići dovoljno snažni da mogu pomaknuti manje kućanske elemente.

Evo kako izgleda njen "posao".


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#thingsiliftwithmyvagina #eurotour In the Piazza san Marco, Venice, Italy. Lifting the Holy Grail. (A very pretty piece of Murano glass suspended from the depths of my vagina). The Holy Grail of the Cervical Orgasm In the land of female orgasms, there is a queen. It is the cervix. Both mythical and powerful, it reigns supreme. Just like the legend of the Holy Grail, “it has special powers, and is designed to provide happiness, eternal youth and food in infinite abundance.” There is much controversy surrounding these deeper, internal orgasms in women. Do they exist? Can all women have them? All of it is unfounded. Let’s just clear this up right now: All women can. If they aren’t able to yet, they just haven’t found the right keys to open them. The vaginal orgasms are the ones that provide much more intense pleasure. And they change your life. Cervical orgasms are deeper, more profound and infinitely more pleasurable than any other kind of orgasm a woman can have. Read more: #thingsiliftwithmyvagina #eurotour #vaginalkungfu #vaginalorgasms #orgasms #cervicalorgasms #orgasmcanchangeyourlife

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#thingsiliftwithmyvagina The Bali Series Infinity pool + coconut frond basket in the hills north of Ubud. With mist. Once you get north of Ubud in Bali, even more magic happens. The crowds thin out and it’s easier to tune into the deep, spiritual energy of the island. We got up before dawn to capture the sunrise light for this photo. The morning mist is still hanging behind us, and to the right, through the mist, you can see a local temple, which is perched on the hillside. Today, from my vagina, I’m lifting a “bungkus.” This is the Indonesian word for a “take-out container.” Back in the day, when you ordered food to go from a local food stall or “warung” (those food carts are all the ancient rage in Asia…), they would wrap it up for you in a banana or palm leaf and send you on your way. I’m lifting a very ornate version of this with many coconut fronds woven together to create a beautiful take-out basket. I actually got this from @alchemybali in Ubud, to carry a host of raw, vegan delights in. Before the onset of plastic, it was fine to throw these over your shoulder into the bushes. Now, people do the same with plastic, and it’s obviously not so fine. It’s great to see a return to the more sustainable ways of old. Including the resurgence of the 5000-year-old practice of Vaginal Kung Fu!! #thingsiliftwithmyvagina #vaginalkungfu #bali #indonesia

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The LA Series. #thingsiliftwithmyvagina And the Oscar goes to… My vagina. Best Supporting Vagina winner, for sure. I’m standing on Hollywood Boulevard, on the Walk of Fame. My vagina is hovering over the “star” of Hedy Lamarr. Some historical vagina for you: Hedy is the reason why most of you are even reading this right now. You could say she’s the most influential woman of our modern age. Not only was she touted in her day as being the “world’s most beautiful woman” by Louis B. Meyer, she had the first non-pornographic onscreen orgasm in the 1933 silent film “Ecstasy.” My kinda girl. It gets better. Tiring of acting, she took up inventing. Lamarr co-developed a frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology that is the basis for modern wifi communication. She registered the patent with her cofounder in 1942 and was inducted into the Inventor’s Hall of Fame in 2014. Beauty, brains, vagina. Even I’m impressed. #thingsiliftwithmyvagina #vaginalkungfu #vaginalsuperpowers #bestsupportingvagina #theoscargoesto #oscars

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Pokušao je hodati uzbrdo, no led ga je spriječio u tome na presmiješan način
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