50 most beautiful Croatian beaches

50 most beautiful Croatian beaches
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THE whole world now knows about Croatia, due to the remarkable results of the Croatian national team at the World Cup. You probably didn’t hear about this small country before, but when you see this, we’re sure that you will visit us one summer. Let us show you the best of what Croatia has to offer.

These are the 50 most beautiful beaches in Croatia.

1. Zlatni Rat (Bol, Brač)

The beach Zlatni rat is one of the most beautiful gravel beaches on the Croatian coast, but also one of the most unusual ones. It literally changes shape as the wind blows.

2. “Heavenly Beach” – Rajska Plaža (Rab)

This beach in Lopar is almost two kilometres long and it offers various kinds of entertainment. It was awarded the “Blue Flag”, which is a sign of exceptional water quality, a well-kept environment, and safety. It is included in the CNN list of top 100 best beaches around the world.

3. Klančac (Brseč, Rabac)

The Klančac beach located near Brseč is a beach far away from tourist crowds, a true private oasis and the best possible setting for a perfect summer day at the sea.

4. Sveti Ivan (Lubenice, Cres)

This beach at the Cres-Lošinj archipelago is one of the most beautiful ones in Croatia and it was placed 13 th at the list of most beautiful beaches in the world. To put is simply – absolutely beautiful!

5. "Queen’s Beach" – Kraljičina plaža (Nin)

This three-kilometre-long sand beach in the Nin lagoon will give you a breath-taking view of the

6. Stara Baška (Krk)

This beach is located near Stara Baška at the south of the Krk island. This is a gravel and sand beach you can reach only by boat.

7. Cisterna (Rovinj)

If you’re the adventurous type, this wild beach might be just the right thing for you. The bay is surrounded by numerous olive trees and the grass lawn almost reaches the sea. During low tide, you can still stand in the sea 10 meters away from the shore. Rocks surround the beach and the shade of Mediterranean macchia will give you many comfortable places to rest.

8. Dubovica bay (Hvar)

Situated eight kilometres away from the city of Hvar, on the south shore of the Hvar Island, lies the picturesque bay Dubovica, a well-known excursion site with wide gravel beaches.

9. Banje (Dubrovnik)

The main city beach Banje is located at Ploče, at the east side of the city walls where the Game of Thrones series was shot. The gravel beach is divided in two parts, as the locals say jokingly, one part for the rich, another for the poor. There’s free access to half of the beach, but the other half you can only access it you rent a sun lounger and parasol.

10. "Great Beach" – Velika plaža (Omiš)

The main city beach of Omiš. One kilometre long, with numerous restaurants, bars and stores. With its warm shallow sea, it’s one of the best-known sand beaches in Croatia.

11. Bijeca (Medulin)

Bijeca is located in the heart of Medulin. It’s a one-kilometre long sand beach with a long gradual entry to the sea and many forms of entertainment. This makes it the perfect place for the whole family to visit.

12. Spiaza (Susak)

This basically deserted sandy island is one ferry ride away from Mali Lošinj.

13. Zabodarski (Lošinj)

The beach Zabodarski is one of the most beautiful “wild” beaches. It is located near the Lošinj airport and 8 kilometres away from Mali Lošinj.

14. Lovrečina (Brač)

On the south shore of Hvar, between Postire and Pučišća, the bay Lovrečina is located. It is known for its sand beach and archaeological sites. Remnants of the Basilica of St. Lawrence from the 5 th and 6 th century were found in Lovrečina. On St. Lawrence day, on August 10, believers from the surrounding villages of Hvar visit the site. You can reach this bay by boat or
by car.

15. Grebišće (Hvar)

The famous sand bay Grebišće is located 1500 meters from Jelsa and is the favourite bathing site of visitors to Jelsa.

16. Žuljana (Pelješac)

It has crystal clear water thanks to the strong sea currents that caress this wild, but at the same time pleasant and tame shores – this makes the sea around Žuljana an ideal place for underwater exploration, scuba diving, and underwater fishing.

17. Nečujam (Šolta)

This big bay is made up of eight smaller ones. It’s the perfect place to hide form the everyday hustle and bustle. You can reach the bay by boat; you can sail to it or reach it by kayak or foot.

18. Veliki žal (Brsečine)

The beach Veliki žal is located in a small bay under the road between Slano and Trsteno. This beach with big pebbles isn’t the first choice for families with small children, but it is a popular destination for water sports and recreation fans.

19. Mali Bok (Cres)

The beautiful Mali Bok bay is situated in the small village Orlec, near the city of Cres. There you will find a gravel beach with beautiful blue sea, surrounded by high rocks. You can rest in the shade of the rocks.

20. Sakarun (Dugi Otok)

This sand beach is only one kilometre long, but it has seen many a wild party. The white sand and crystal blue water bring some Caribbean vibes to the Adriatic coast.

21. Ručica (Pag)

This beach is located one kilometre away from Metajna and you can reach it by boat or car. It’s a sand and gravel beach. It somewhat does looks as if it was located on Mars, but there’s a certain charm to that too.

22. Mekićevica (Hvar)

This picturesque bay near Hvar can be reached by boat from the Hvar harbour, or you can have a pleasant walk along the seafront. Here you will find two pebble beaches where you can lie in the sun and bath in the clear water, wrapped in the exhilarating scent of Mediterranean herbs and lulled by a soft summer wind and murmur of the waves.

23. Pupnatska Luka (Korčula)

Pupnatska Luka is a deep bay surrounded by plentiful Mediterranean vegetation. You can reach it by a narrow asphalt road. The grovel beach at the lowest part of the bay is often listed as one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic coast.

24. Veprinova (Hvar)

The bay "Gdinjske vale" is located on the south of Hvar, below the village Gdinj. If you’re looking for a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, this might be the perfect place for you. Whether lying on the beach or in the shade of a pine tree, you can indulge your senses and enjoy the fresh summer wind, the song of the crickets, and the scents of the rich Croatian flora.

25. Stiniva (Vis)

The Stiniva bay is especially interesting because of its naturally unusual shape. The passage to the sea is relatively narrow, a mere 4-5 meters, but behind it a wide bay is situated, at the end of which there is a beautiful beach.

26. Nugal (Makarska)

The beach Nugal is a tourist heaven, because it offers a peaceful private atmosphere, where tourists can enjoy all the best of sea and summer.

27. Porat (Biševo)

The Porat beach is one of the most beautiful sand beaches on the island of Biševo. It is hidden under the rocks on the west side of Biševo and it’s cut off from civilization.

28. "White Beach" – Bijela plaža (Solaris, Šibenik)

The White Beach of Solaris is one of the 10 most beautiful Croatian beaches.

29. Koromačna (Lošinj)

The Koromačna beach is located near Belej and you can usually reach it by a narrow, asphalted road. However, during the summer, you can only reach it by foot.

30. Prapratno (Pelješac)

The Prapratno bay is located on the Pelješac peninsula. It is one of the most beautiful Croatian bays, with a long sand beach. It is surrounded by pine trees. You will rarely see sea water that is this clean and warm.

31. Vrgada (Vrgada)

If you want to see the "Mediterranean as it used to be", you should visit Vrgada, where the pages of history have been written in slow motion.

32. Telašćica (Dugi Otok)

The Telašćica beach is located in the Zadar archipelago at the south of the Dugi Otok island. The Telašćica bay is unique because it is among the safest, most beautiful, and largest natural harbours in the Adriatic Sea. There are 25 small beaches and 69 kilometres of indented coastline.

33. Vaja (Korčula)

This hidden and little known gem will give you a very special Adriatic experience. Reaching this beauty might be a little difficult, but once you get there, you will be rewarded by a breath-taking view. Crystal clear sea and the warm sun will make the rest of the world disappear.

34. Čista (Pag)

This sand and gravel beach is located on the island of Pag. It’s a long beach, far away from the city, and it will give you an enjoyable experience of swimming in a crystal clear sea with a view of the Pag Bay.

35. Punta Rata (Brela)

One of the most beautiful Croatian gravel beaches. It is located in a protected area, on a cape covered in pine trees. In July 2004, the Forbes magazine listed this beach as one of the 10 most beautiful in the world, alongside some of the world’s most popular beaches such as the Copacabana, St. Tropez, Costa del Sol, and exotic beaches in Belize, Antigua and the Maldives.

36. Anywhere at the Makarska Riviera

If you go south of Split, you will encounter numerous beaches and bays, many of which do not have too many visitors, which makes them the perfect place for those that long for some privacy.

37. Lapad Bay (Dubrovnik)

Several beautiful and popular beaches are located at the Lapad Bay. There is a long promenade with numerous bars at the end of which you can find these beaches.

38. Kupari (Dubrovnik)

Kupari are a gravel and sand beach, located 5 kilometres to the east from Dubrovnik. There used to be a large tourist complex there, but it stopped operating after the Homeland war took place in Croatia.

39. Palmižana (Hvar)

Palmižana is located on the Klement island, one of the Pakleni islands in the Hvar archipelago, which are widely known for their unique natural beauty, natural bays, and many sand beaches.

40. Saplunara (Mljet)

The Saplunara beach is located at the southernmost point of the inhabitable part of Croatia, on the Island of Mljet.

41. "Red Harbor" – Crvena Luka (Pakoštane)

This beautiful beach is located in a sand bay surrounded by pine trees, about three kilometres away from the centre of Biograd. You can reach the beach by foot, boat, or by car.

42. Srebrna (Vis)

A beach that was named by the silver shimmer of its pebbles in the moonlight. It is the most popular beach on Vis. There is a lot of shade from pine trees, which is one of the things that make this beach a popular destination for families with children.

43. Beaches at the Pakleni islands (Hvar)

Unimaginable natural beauty awaits - aromatic exotic plants, beautiful sand beaches with shallow sea, and some of the best scuba diving locations are located on the Pakleni islands.

44. Sabuša (Ugljan)

The beach Sabuša is located at the west shore of Ugljan. It is covered in concrete, which makes it suitable for sunbathing and strolling. The part of the beach under the sea is sandy, which makes it perfect for children and those who cannot swim.

45. Pasjača (Dubrovnik)

The Pasjača beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Adriatic coast, but unfortunately it is slowly disappearing, as the sea is scattering the sand.

46. Divna (Pelješac)

Going down a winding road, after passing the vineyards at the inner part of Pelješac, you will reach one of the most beautiful beaches of Pelješac. The name of the beach, Divna – meaning wonderful in Croatian – really speaks for itself.

47. Proizd (Korčula)

The Proizd island, named beach of the year on the Croatian part of the Adriatic in 2007, is about half an hour away by car from the centre of the city. The white beach, turquoise sea, and smell of salty freshness is guaranteed to leave visitors enchanted!

48. Šunj (Lopud)

Šunj is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic coast. It’s located at the southeast of the Lopud Island, in a beautiful bay that you can reach by boat of by foot through the pine forest.

49. Kručica (Lastovo)

At the Lastovo Islad there are two small gravel beaches with a long stretch of shallow sea, perfect for families with children. You can reach Kručica through a forest or by boat. There is natural shade at the beach. Make sure to have swimming sandals when visiting.

50. Zaton (Zaton)

This one and a half kilometres long beach is mostly sandy but partially gravel and concrete. It is considered one of the best beaches in Croatia.

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