50 most beautiful Croatian women

50 most beautiful Croatian women
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EXCEPT for its excellent athletes, great food and beautiful nature, Croatia is widely known for its beautiful women. If you still haven’t been to Croatia, this list will surely inspire you to do so…

1. Lidija Bačić

The singer Lidija Bačić is said to be the most attractive woman in Croatia, and except for her songs, she gets a lot of attention for her Instagram profile, where she regularly posts photos of herself wearing skimpy clothes.

2. Izabel Kovačić

Izabel Kovačić is the wife of Mateo Kovačić, who plays for Real Madrid and the Croatian national team. She has more than 380 thousand Instagram followers.

3. Severina


Objavu dijeli Severina Kojic (@severina)

Aside from being probably the biggest star of this region, Severina is also one of the most beautiful women in Croatia. She has more than 800 thousand followers on Instagram and all her songs are absolute hits.

4. Nives Celzijus


Objavu dijeli Nives Celsius (@nivescelsius)

Starlet Nives Celzijus attracts the attention of the public with nude photos, but she is also an actress and a singer. Her 241 thousand followers on Instagram simply can’t resist her charm.

5. Lana Jurčević


Objavu dijeli Lana Jurcevic (@lana_jurcevic)

Lana Jurčević is a 33-year-old singer, followed on Instagram by 379 thousand people.

6. Franka Batelić

Franka is the fiancée of footballer Vedran Ćorluka, whom she plans to marry after the Championship in Russia ends. This year she represented Croatia on Eurosong with the song "Crazy".

7. Iva Jerković


Objavu dijeli Iva Jerković (@ivajerkovic)

She has always been a heartthrob of a number of men, and this desire is fuelled by her Instagram posts.

8. Iva Leko


Objavu dijeli @_iva_saric_

Iva Leko is a football player’s ex-wife. Lately, she has devoted herself to family life, but she continues to captivate many men.

9. Antonija Mišura Sandrić

The most beautiful Croatian athlete is most definitely Antonija Mišura Sandrić, a basketball player form Šibenik, who occasionally also works in the fashion business.

10. Tatjana Jurić

One of the most popular faces you’ll see on TV and voices you’ll hear on the radio. This 36-year-old beauty gets all the attention wherever she appears.

11. Vanja Halilović

Vanja Halilović is a former TV host who, from time to time, publishes sexy photos on Instagram for her followers to enjoy. The photos are usually from trips with her long- term boyfriend.

12. Monika Kravić

When talking about Croatian beauties, Monika Kravić, the 36-year-old host and former star of the first Croatian talent show, certainly needs to be mentioned.

13. Mirta Šurjak


Objavu dijeli Mirta (@mirta.surjak1)

Sports journalist Mirta Šurjak is a huge football fan and her photos on Instagram often attract the attention of tabloids all over the world.

14. Jelena Perić


Objavu dijeli Jelena Peric (@j_make_up)

This 27-year-old Croatian version of Kim Kardashian is one of the most successful Croatian bloggers and she is often listed as one of the world’s most famous doppelgangers of the famous starlet.

15. Jelena Rozga

One of the most popular singers in the country. Until recently, she was dating Stjepan Hauser form 2Cellos.

16. Lana Banely


Objavu dijeli Bela Make Up (@belamakeuplada)

The 32-year-old sports journalist and TV host used to do taekwondo. Today, she is fully devoted to family life.

17. Nikolina Ristović

This 42-year-old TV host is often listed among the most beautiful Croatian women. After she got married, she also won the hearts of numerous men in Serbia.

18. Bojana Gregorić Vejzović

One of the most successful Croatian actresses. She is often listed among some of the most beautiful actresses in Croatia.

19. Ecija Ivušić


Objavu dijeli Ecija Ivusic (@ecija_ivusic)

Ecija is a radio and TV host, with almost 340 thousand followers on Instagram. During the World Cup, she decided to show some skin as support for the national team.

20. Ivana Knoll


Objavu dijeli Ivana Knöll (@knolldoll)

The most famous Croatian football fan drew a lot of attention at the Croatia – Nigeria match in Kaliningrad, where she was photographed among the cheering crowd wearing a sexy dress.

21. Antonija Stupar Jurkin

She recently cut her TV appearances, but she still gets a lot of attention wherever she appears.

22. Nives Ivanišević

This 36-year-old radio host is wife to tennis player Goran Ivanišević.

23. Žanamari Perčić

Another singer on this list, she appeared on the scene in 2004, when she won a talent show.

24. Anamaria Raič


Objavu dijeli AMR® (@anamaria.raic)

Although she is relatively little known, model Anamaria Raič is regularly listed as one of the most beautiful Croatian women.

25. Sementa Rajhard

This 27-year-old actress and singer appeared in a music talent show in 2009, where she showed her beauty and her good singing voice.

26. Mila Elegović


Objavu dijeli mila elegović (@elegoviceva)

The 48-year.old Mila is one of the best known and most beloved Croatian actresses. She often flaunts her perfect figure on Instagram.

27. Ornela Vištica

You will often see her in Croatian soap-operas, and it’s obvious why.

28. Doris Pinčić Rogoznica

One of the most beloved Croatian actresses and TV hosts in Croatia. She became famous after playing a role in a Croatian soap-opera.

29. Domenica Žuvela

The cute singer Domenica appeared on the scene relatively recently, but she already got a lot of attention with her "girl next door" charm.

30. Anita Dujić


Objavu dijeli Anita Dujic (@anita__dujic)

The Croatian model moved to London where she makes jewellery and does stage design.

31. Sonja Kovač

Former actress and poker star, one of the most famous Croatian women. She has almost 300 thousand Instagram followers.

32. Shanaelle Petty

This 20-year-ol beauty was Miss Universe of Croatia in 2017. She comes from Slavonski Brod, where she was born to a Croatian mother and American father. She was voted one of the most beautiful women at the world competition.

33. Jelena Veljača


Objavu dijeli Jelena Veljača (@jelka12)

The actress, screenwriter, and columnist became famous after her role in a soap-opera, and she’s been present in the public sphere ever since.

34. Korana Gvozdić


Objavu dijeli Korana Gvozdic (@koranagvozdic)

This former model is mostly seen in public alongside her long-term boyfriend, a stand- up comedian.

35. Mia Kovačić


Objavu dijeli Mia Kovačić (@miak1982)

This beautiful TV host is an interior designer, but she has worked on TV for years now.

36. Adriana Đurđević

This beautiful jurist is the girlfriend of young football player Duje Ćaleta-Car, who plays for the national team. She is one of the most famous Croatian WAGs.

37. Maja Šuput


Objavu dijeli majasuput (@majasuput)

Maja Šuput is one of the most famous Croatian singers. She is followed by almost 300 thousand people on Instagram, whom she often treats with nude photos.

38. Marijana Batinić

Marijana Batinić is one of the most popular Croatian TV hosts.

39. Vanda Winter

This 33-year-old singer and actress performed in numerous plays and series, but she keeps her private life away from the public eye. She is best known for her amazing voice.

40. Sandra Perković

The most successful Croatian athlete, discus thrower to be exact, is definitely also one of the most beautiful Croatian women.

41. Mirna Maras Batinić

This TV host and occasional soap-opera actress won over the hearts of Croats conveying them good news in Lotto number drawings.

42. Renata Sopek

One of the most famous TV hosts, Renata Sopek, became the synonym for a healthy lifestyle and exercise. She owns a fitness centre.

43. Helena Šopar


Objavu dijeli Helena Sopar (@helenasopar)

This Croatian model, originally from the island of Pag, launched a fashion line together with her sister.

44. Nina Badrić


Objavu dijeli Nina Badric (@badrich)

Nina Badrić has one of the best voices on the Croatian music scene. She’s been
present in show-business for many years now.


45. Ljupka Gojić Mikić

One of the most famous Croatian models, married to Mihael Mikić, with whom she lived in Japan until recently. After her modelling career, she devoted herself to her family and a clothing line, that she started with her mother.

46. Minea

She was a huge music star in the 1990s, but then she withdrew from the public eye. She is now back as a TV host and singer.

47. Dina Dragija

This 21-year-old girl is the girlfriend of Tin Jedvaj, who plays for the Croatian national football team. They’ve been in a relationship for several years now, and they live in Germany.

48. Maja Lena Lopatny

27-year-old Maja Lena is the daughter of a famous Croatian actress. She didn’t follow in her mother's footsteps – she became a journalist.

49. Lucija Lugomer

The first Croatian plus size model, who often causes quite a stir with her Instagram posts.

50. Marta Marija Fernandes

Wife of Chilean footballer Junior Fernándes, with whom she lives in Turkey. She loves expensive clothes.

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