Ten best Croatian wines

Ten best Croatian wines
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UNTIL five minutes ago, no one knew anything about Croatia. Today, thanks to the victories of the Croatian national football team, everyone wants to know more about this little country. Travellers will find beautiful beaches, gourmets will have more than enough to explore, and wine lovers will also discover a plethora of exiting options.

Today, Croatia has more than three hundred wine regions, 64 grape sorts, more than 800 wineries and almost twenty thousand registered wine producers. It might not be the easiest task to choose the right wine among so many, but here we will give you a list of the ten most popular Croatian sorts.

1. Malvasia

Malvasia is a dry white wine, with a strong aroma and pronounced freshness. This is one of the most popular originally Croatian sorts and it’s made of white grapes grown in Istria.

2. Dingač


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This is a somewhat bitter premium quality red wine. It originates from Pelješac and it is made of Plavac Mali wine grape variety.


3. Babić


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Babić is a red wine made of a dark grape variety, grown primarily in Dalmatia. It is a dark wine, oily in texture, with a dominant fruity aroma.

4. Pošip


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Another popular Croatian wine from Dalmatia, primarily made at the islands of Hvar and Korčula.

It has a strong aroma and refreshing notes. It is often paired with traditional dishes popular at the seaside, such as seafood or grilled fish.

5. Graševina


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This also is a white wine, produced in the continental part of Croatia, primarily in Slavonia. This in the most popular Croatian wine, golden in colour and with an intense scent.

6. Plavac


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Plavac Mali is another very popular Croatian sort. This sort is primarily produced in Dalmatia and Pelješac. Plavac has a high alcohol and tannin content, and its taste resembles a mixture of spice and black cherries.

7. Vrbnička žlahtina

Made from home-grown indigenous grapes of Croatia at the island of Krk. It has a gentle, refreshing flavour and a light golden colour.

8. Vugava

Vugava is produced from a grape variety of the same name. It is grown on the island of Vis, and its fruity and creamy aromas make it into something quite exquisite.

9. Teran


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Teran is an Istrian wine variety with a low sugar content and high acidity. It is a dark wine, rich in tannin, characterised by a fruity aroma.


10. Debit


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Debit is a dry white wine of light golden colour, mildly sour and full-flavoured. It is mainly produced in south and central Dalmatia, as well as in the inner part of Croatia.

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